Success Stories and Healing Testimonials

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I am grateful for the opportunity to serve others for their highest good.

I can’t begin to express how much I appreciate being able to share my work and receive these success stories and healing testimonials.  Helping individuals create an intentional, purpose driven, vibrant life is my passion.  Thank you to my clients and colleagues. You matter to me and allow me to have significance with my work.picture of Nancy' Clairmont Carr's signature a Nikken distributor and wellness consultant expressing gratitude for healing testimonials

 Client Success 

“I began working with Nancy to help re-set my business goals.  I have a financial practice that currently brings in $1,500,000 in annual revenue.  I had developed a barrier to reaching out to a higher level of client that I am educated, trained and capable of serving. We have been able to remove that barrier and I have successfully made the transition and have laid the groundwork to increase my net revenue scheduled for this next year by 20%. This is evidenced by receiving two new significant client relationships that are in the top 10% of my current relationships in size and scope of complexity. I have every belief that this rate of increase will continue because I find myself not holding back. Nancy has demonstrated that she is able to work with people at any level and help them to achieve their goals.  She goes beyond traditional business coaching to reach into the very essence of the universe to assemble a strategy that truly makes a difference in the lives of her clients!”  J.C.

“I recently started a business and was feeling stuck with defining my offerings and with the sales process.Nancy helped increase my self-awareness and confidence and helped me get unstuck. She also helped me release limiting beliefs around money, which helped me attract my first big client. Nancy brought me so far in a very short time, both personally and professionally, further than many business coaches! Apart from doing the energy work, she is simply an amazing person. Her energy, love and passion for helping others is contagious and I ALWAYS looked forward to our sessions. My only regret is that they went too fast!”  Sarah Becker, Process Improvement Consultant, www.clearsimplebusiness.

“Working with Nancy Clairmont Carr has been one of the best investments I have made personally and professionally.  Nancy is multi-talented and has extensive training in many modalities. Because of my work with her as a transformational energy coach, my health is at its best, my business has expanded exponentially, and I now have eliminated key stuck points that were holding me back. She helped me identify optimal strategies for my professional offerings while expressing my gifts profitably and creating more internal supportive beliefs. Most exciting was how quickly these shifts took place to mobilize my expansion. It has been amazing.” Louise Griffith M.A., www.oneshininglight.com author “You Are Worth It: 52 Weeks to Honoring, Loving and Nurturing Your Soul”

“When I started the Quantum Manifesting Group Energy Coaching Program, I wanted to grow my business faster. I noticed my resistance to forward movement decreased quickly. Not only is the energy work helping me, it has created a positive effect on the people I live with and my clients. I also noticed my interactions with new people have been more positive right away. This is important as my business growth depends on it. The “homework” I do for the program is helping to change my mindset, is effortless and makes my growth happen much faster. I am excited about the total effect on me and my business.”  Liana Dang Thep, Organo Coffee,

“When I found Nancy, I was looking for a career shift, back into the corporate world after owning my own coaching business for a couple of years. I felt lost. I did not have a clear picture of exactly where I wanted to go next and Nancy was a bright light to guide me. I knew I needed to immerse myself in a culture of doing meaningful work while surrounded by highly conscious people. I was intentional about being successful and thriving in all areas of my life; personal relationships, family, health, wellness and career. Nancy helped me define my ideal end state in a new position. I achieved goals that were beyond what I had originally planned on reaching in terms of financial abundance and culture. 

Through working with Nancy, I released unsupportive beliefs, stuck points and raised my consciousness to embrace my gifts and intuition. I am now in a career that has infinite runway, amazing colleagues and the number one corporate culture in America. The most important aspect I gained is to trust my intuition. Nancy taught me to rely on my inner power and live my life with joy and grace. I am constantly in situations that cause some initial fear because I am doing things I have never done and now I just embrace them with a positive outlook and confidence. 
The process is cumulative.  We have been working together for the past two years, and every day I notice changes in the way I respond to things that used to trigger me. I have let go of judgements against myself and others. I have also learned that we are the creators of our lives and our thoughts really do manifest things into this beautiful universe. I have experienced huge shifts in financial abundance, freedom and clarity of my next goals.I have been a student of personal development my entire life. But until now I had never experienced these kinds of shifts and achievements. I feel so joyful and intentional about my life now. It brings a sense of peace that I never knew could be experienced at this level.   My work with Nancy has taught me that my life can be everything I want it to be. ” Tara Payerl, Sales Executive, www.salesforce.com


“Having worked with Nancy Clairmont Carr successfully a few times before, I decided to specifically work on improving my financial abundance levels and decrease my ‘lack’ energy. Being in network marketing for 7 years, I was burnt out and feeling lost and stuck for about 6 months.  After my session with Nancy I booked 4 events the first month,  2 additional large expos the next, and attracted a business partner I was seeking!  It was like my creative brain worked again! I recommend Nancy for moving forward in your business and in life!” Michelle Bekkala,  Young Living Essential Oils www.theNaturalNook.com

josie robinson

“My first healing session with Nancy was incredible! Immediately afterwards I felt much lighter, like I had lost 20 pounds of emotional baggage. In the weeks following, I noticed situations that normally would have made me anxious or irritated didn’t bother me at all. The session itself was really gentle and easy.  It’s hard to believe something so simple works so well. If you’re ready to drop any habits, emotions and illnesses that no longer serve you, I recommend working with Nancy Clairmont Carr. She’s a gifted, compassionate healer who brings bright light to this world.” Josie Robinson, Author of The Gratitude Jar: A Simple Guide to Creating Miracles

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Healing testimonials show clearing heart walls improves relationships, abundance and joy.

“Nancy Clairmont Carr is enlightened, compassionate and thorough in her work. I highly recommend her for increasing health and well being overall. She helped me on my journey to heal my addiction to unhealthy food, which has been a very complex challenge. She is nonjudgmental and draws from her many years of study and practice with all aspects of health and the healing arts.  Nancy’s work is permanent, transformative and supports a mind-body-spirit approach to health. I am very grateful for Nancy’s attention and abilities. She has made a big impact in my life. ”       Julie Shide

“Prior to my heart wall release with Nancy, I was extremely sad about the death of my 25 year old son four years ago.  I also laid awake nights with concern about intermittent depression that my 23 year old son was experiencing. Before the emotion code sessions, I felt a little shut down and emotionally unavailable, especially towards my elderly mother, who was requiring some additional help. Since completing the heart wall release a few weeks ago, I have been able to be calmer about the major issues mentioned, putting them into perspective better. I am back to being able to be sincerely kind and giving towards my mother.  I am very grateful for Nancy and this work.” Cynthia C. Schmidt, Assistant State Librarian, N.D. State Library

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Anxiety is replaced with optimism and joy in these healing testimonials.

IMG_2856[1]“Before working with Nancy I had just ended a relationship and was not in a good space.  I was feeling very sad, mentally exhausted and very emotionally empty. Life seemed very hard and I wondered if I would ever have another fulfilling relationship. Nancy helped me reframe my value, along with removing many trapped emotions and habits that didn’t help me in my former relationships. After doing the energy work with her I started to see things differently.  I was not in such deep heartache and pain, and I could see my former partner and the situation much more clearly. I let a lot of stuff go, including some beliefs that didn’t support me.  I am moving through the grief process much more quickly and feel more optimistic about creating a more positive loving relationship with a partner.”Rachel Loeslie, Realtor, Wellness Consultant, www.rachelloeslie.com

georgine madden

“I have worked with Nancy several times with her healing work.  She is a true healer. I’m finding that the word I use most often to describe my experience in these sessions with Nancy is “fascinating”. After the last session, I was no longer gripped with anxiety. This emotional freedom has allowed me to expand my thoughts of excitement and possibility in my life and good things are happening right before my eyes! Nancy takes such good care of her clients!  I really appreciate her “check-in” calls and messages.”  Georgine Madden, O. D. Consultant, www.GeorgineMadden.com

“When Nancy invited me to an energy session I didn’t know what to expect.  After our session, I was very pleased with the result!  I asked Nancy to address one small thing, a repeat dream that I’ve had for 10 years that’s always bothered me.  Little did I know I had many “stuck” emotions from the past that as a type A person, I had never put to rest properly. I am happy to say that I no longer have the dream and couldn’t be happier.  I would recommend Nancy to anyone who is open to a new way of clearing their spirit from the past or present.” Katrina G.

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Relief from shoulder and other pain is seen in these healing testimonials

Mark LeBlanc_SMR_informal pic_June_2016

“Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Nancy for her coaching and energy work.  In just three sessions, 90 days and two decisions, I feel alive again.  If you want more energy and to breathe a new sense of spirit into your life and work, make the decision.  Listen carefully and make the commitment.  You’ll be glad you did!” Mark LaBlanc, Author “Never Be the Same” and “Growing Your Business”


“I loved working with Nancy! She is dedicated to the healing technique and very efficient. I cannot believe what we cleaned up and cleared out! Laura Niewald, MFLT,  www.ClearDayCounseling.com

Nancy, I want to thank you so much for your remote Emotion Code session.  We worked on my shoulder pain and were able to release many trapped emotions! It has been 3 weeks now since our session and I can, without a doubt, say the session helped! I did experience a physical release for a few days, but for the past 10 days, I have had little to no shoulder pain! Thank you so much! I am entirely grateful for you and for your wonderful service.”  Melissa Baker, Reiki Master Teacher, www.AsayaWellness.com

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A feeling of increased clarity and peace shared in healing testimonials. 

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“I met Nancy Clairmont Carr in 2008 during a business event and was fond of her vibrant personality right from the beginning. I soon discovered how much Nancy cares about people and was touched by her truly genuine interest in helping the people she meets. She has been a blessing in my life, always very supportive, understanding and considerate. She has helped me understand the things I needed to change to achieve my goals and be a more balanced person, emotionally, professionally and physically. Her knowledge is profound and I am always amazed about the variety of tools and strategies she offers for balancing and healing the body.  Nancy is absolutely trustworthy and I know I can count on her whenever I need to talk, find solutions to my concerns or need advice about diet, exercise or emotional issues.  Nancy is very outgoing and enthusiastic with a high energy level that makes you want to be around her and discover her secrets!” ~ Aurelie Spirito,  Event Planner  www.lilabuffetstyling.com

maureen higgins-mexico-small“I have knownshutterstock_311493311 (1) Nancy since 2000, where as a Nikken colleague I attended conferences and work related activities with her. Nancy is very people oriented and all types of personalities respond positively to her upbeat and helpful nature. I have also acted as a personal growth coach for her over the years. Nancy is very diligent and self-disciplined in her search and work towards self-improvement. Her thirst for knowledge and personal growth has paid off. Many people look up to her and seek her out because of the leaps and bounds she has made with her solid inner work. Nancy has attended my practitioner training program and other workshops.  She is self-disciplined in using the tools on herself and for her clients. I highly recommend Nancy.  She puts all of herself into her work and stays the course, bringing others on the path with her.” Maureen Higgins, Owner, Wings of Freedom

“I have known Nancy for several years.  As a Mastermind Partner I have come to admire and respect Nancy ‘s energy, professionalism and ability to  focus on goals she has set for herself personally as well as for her business.  I am honored to call Nancy a colleague as well as a friend.” Michele Kowalchuk

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Healing testimonials demonstrate how people appreciate support towards their higher goals.

maura Jane Griffin“I have known Nancy Clairmont Carr for over 15 years, both professionally and personally. I was originally introduced to her through our mutual affiliation with Nikken Inc. Nancy is a person of high intelligence and integrity. I witness how she consistently and compassionately carries out her service to others in the health and wellness modalities she practices.” Maura Jane Griffin, Ph.D., LICSW, Boston, Massachusetts