nancy clairmont Carr speaking on conscious leadership

Personal Sovereignty Reigns Supreme

 My highest value is sovereignty. I came to this realization after an evolving journey including clearing interference of negative patterns, limiting beliefs, unhelpful environments and the restrictive influence of other people and governing institutions.

To be sovereign implies being free to live as I desire, while not infringing on the freedom of others. Unencumbered by other people and organization's expectations.

I discovered through my experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, community and global citizen, there is relentless pressure to follow the narrative of the majority. The need to listen to my internal guidance became very clear as a way to preserve my freedoms.

Sovereignty has forced me to stand up for my truth.  To assert my needs amid the pressures of external forces that expect my compliance with their beliefs and practices.  Being sovereign in this higher consciousness era is particularly important in navigating the many changes coming from our governing agencies.

Executing my vision of increasing consciousness and conscious leadership requires discernment of truth and focus.  And the commitment to exercise my sovereignty to preserve my freedoms and choices. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to live as a sovereign individual. It is the most important gift that comes from developing higher consciousness. Personal sovereignty gives me the freedom to offer my gifts to the world in the most fulfilling and impactful way.  This provides immense joy to me as I facilitate others in creating joy, abundance, sovereignty and optimal impact in the world. 

Consider your future without the opportunity to express yourself as you choose. It is worth the effort to ensure your personal sovereignty.

“Nancy helped me thrive in business, health/nutrition, clearing fear, limiting beliefs, and energy healing.  I've been able to do less and see more results, express my voice and abundance thinking and tap into my intuition for daily guidance.” Rachel Loeslie, Enlightened Living.Love 

Living an Optimized Life 

The journey to higher consciousness releases heavier energies, connects you to your inner guidance, and develops skills to create increased flow. It helps heal your past and supports you in creating your optimal future. 

Through impactful coaching strategies, proven nutrition programming, and advanced energy healing practices, I provide the most transformative support available for my clients. 

Theses tools and strategies accelerate growth and transformation by removing obstacles including fear and limiting beliefs and facilitating higher brain thinking. The re-patterning of neural pathways and accessing intuitive connections provides optimal "just-in-time" solutions and a path to sovereignty.  These changes align physical, mental, and emotional health for optimal decision making and outcomes.

Through my coaching and consulting, speaking,  as a #1bestselling author, energy healing practitioner and teacher, I help my clients experience:  

  • Quantum, sustainable increases in business growth,  profitability and impact
  • Optimized physical, mental and emotional health for increased energy and high performance
  • Exponential and permanent increases in higher consciousness and sovereignty

Transformation in all three areas- business, health, and personal sovereignty- is unique to The Joy-Effect's programming methodologies. Ensuring that my clients attain their desired outcomes in all areas is what inspires me.  This is done through the process of developing higher consciousness, and gives them the freedom to live with vitality as they carry out their purpose in the world.

Take advantage of The Joy-Effect's transformation programs for predictable growth and outcomes in your life and business. Book an appointment to determine best fit for you!

"Nancy is genuinely interested and able to help people transform. She helped me identify and implement changes to achieve my goals and be more balanced professionally, emotionally and physically...I can count on Nancy for total solutions."  Aurelie Spirito, Business Owner, Lila Buffet Styling

Through Nancy's coaching I learned to connect with my higher self for optimal solutions, while starting up my chiropractic business and working through issues with my significant other. My business continues to grow and my relationship with my partner has never been stronger. Raquel H, Chiropractor, Business Owner

Advanced Training, Coaching, Certifications

  • Maureen Higgin's School for Higher Consciousness
  • Founding Member, Community for Higher Consciousness

  • Bo Eason's Speaking and Mastermind Programs

    • "The Best" Mastermind

    • Bo Eason Mastermind

    • PSP- Personal Story Power

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