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Conscious Leadership Transforms

 Nancy Clairmont Carr transforms people and businesses to create accelerated growth, consciousness and impact.  As a thought leader, keynote speaker, business coach and bestselling author, she works with leaders to become authentic, intuitive visionaries.

Through conscious leadership strategies, Nancy supports entrepreneurs, executives and professionals who commit to transforming their business to create humanity uplifting and sovereign enterprises. Her expertise in developing higher brain thinking, optimal health and strategic business plans empowers clients to consistently attain quantum financial returns. They appreciate the joy, abundance and freedom they receive from Nancy’s work.

With a diverse background in corporate and entrepreneurial business, along with expertise in health coaching and energy work, Nancy founded “The Joy-Effect”.  

Her work accelerates growth and transformation by aligning body, mind, emotions, and removing obstacles including fear, negative energy patterns, and limiting beliefs. She increases consciousness and develops higher brain thinking by re-patterning the brain's neural pathways and intuitive connection. These proven strategies provide access to optimal solutions and self-expression. 

Over the last 20 years Nancy has helped individuals transform their business, consciousness, health, and relationships. She now focuses on supporting entrepreneurs, executives and professionals committed to transformation through conscious leadership principles. 

 Nancy is genuinely interested in helping people. She helped me understand what and how to change to achieve my goals and be more balanced professionally, emotionally and physically…I can count on Nancy for total solutions.” Aurelie Spirito, Business Owner, Lila Buffet Styling

picture of the sun rays on the trees demonstrating stress reduction and energy

Her Story

After experiencing accelerated stress and dissatisfaction with her lifestyle, Nancy left the corporate world to become more aligned with her purpose and increase balance. Through her health coaching and consciousness expanding work, she found a way to continuously optimize all energy centers, contribute at a higher level, and experience more joy, abundance and freedom. 

There has been a long-term societal emphasis on work focus at the exclusion of nurturing other aspects of life. Nancy has discovered that this approach is unsustainable and unproductive overall.  Incorporating strategies that aligns body, mind and spirit health create an ability to maintain high energy and high performance.  These strategies provide the highest level of impact, a balance of personal and professional growth, and a supreme level of joy, and are incorporated into Nancy's coaching through the Joy-Effect. ,  

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