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Nikken ® – For Work and Life Balance

I am excited to share Nikken with you!  This life-affirming organization has a purpose driven focus of “Human’s Being More”.  What could be more profound than helping ourselves and others become empowered to be more.  Check out my website at Nikken.com/na/NancyClairmontCarr.

picture showing Nikken products a part of the healthy body, part of the 5 pillars of health for life balance

Life Balance in all 5 Pillars

Nikken offers a wellness home environment and business model based on a philosophy of balance in all 5 pillars of our lives: Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances.  When you bring the key areas of your life back in balance, your future has new opportunity.

Leaving my extremely stressful career as a corporate marketing executive, my main objective was to reduce my stress and create a new lifestyle.  With Nikken’s wellness technology products, I quickly reversed the twenty-year sleep problem I had experienced.  I felt the energy of a well rested human again!  Getting my sleep back to normal was the beginning of my journey to creating the overall life balance I needed.

picture of nancy's family showing life balance

My family pillar was also suffering in my previous career. My Nikken business allowed me to focus on my priorities while still making a huge difference in the lives of others. Having a business that I could run from home on my terms, changing lives with every dollar I earned, was my idea of living life on purpose.   Spending more time with my family helped me heal at the soul level.

No matter the pillar in which you are feeling stress, I invite you to explore Nikken’s wellness technologies and business to see if there is a fit for you. Until you experience Nikken, you really can’t imagine the freedom it provides for you.

picture depicting a fulcrum with stones balanced on it to illustrate life balance

Remember, you can’t solve your problems with the same brain with which you created them! Let’s explore together how you can address the pillars that are out of balance for you. You may want to improve your physical experiences with the wellness products, or add to your financial pillar by building a reproductive residual income business.  With a committed part time effort and support from our seasoned team, this business will allow you to create the freedom, abundance and joy you desire. That may mean more family time, date nights, travel, fishing or playing with grandkids. The choice is yours. Creating life balance doing what you love is the key.

Nikken’s focus of “Humans Being More”, 5 pillars of health philosophy, life changing wellness technology products and unique business model offers a complete solution for an optimized life!

To live your best life, contact us now!

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