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High Performance Elements

What makes a person achieve and maintain high performance?

It is not grueling hard work at the expense of life. Quite the opposite. You need to develop and align mental, emotional and physical energy states to create and maintain high performance. Conscious leaders do this for optimal impact.

The retreat “High Performance Strategies for Conscious Leaders and Influencers”  Oct 23-25th embodies high performance in all areas of life. Attend if at all possible. It is the experience I wish I had when I was a corporate leader and again when I started my own business 20 years ago!

As leaders,  we need to increase our consciousness for sustainable high performance. Something that doesn’t happen with the daily grind. We are used to squeezing out every last ounce of value without restoring what created it.  If we want to live on purpose and create the kind of impact we dream about, we must heighten our personal power, learn to access intuitive insights, calm, and our genius.

Higher Consciousness Creates Higher Profitability

In fact, higher consciousness creates higher profitability.  Learn these strategies at the retreat and through The Joy-Effect to drive your business and personal growth by quantum leaps. You will receive relevant information and experiences to learn this key principle with optimal impact.

In addition to conscious leadership teachings and experiences, come for

  • Neuro re-programming and mindset optimization strategies and experiences to access intuition more effortlessly for optimal “just-in-time” decision making.
  • Powerful mind/body intelligence strategies and experiences to reduce stress and increase performance
  • Financial self-care for stress-reduction and conscious financial planning.
  • A complete personal health/nutrition assessment for each attendee, along with physical wellness strategies supporting optimal alignment and consistent high performance.

There is still time to attend! Register Now! Needed scholarships are available. Get your questions answered. Set up a free 20-minute consult. Create time for yourself. Transform your business and life and create the impact you were meant to make!

To your impact,

Nancy Clairmont Carr
Where Achievers Grow

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