Personal Sovereignty
Published on February 27, 2023
by Nancy Clairmont Carr

Personal Sovereignty

Choose Sovereignty

Personal freedom and sovereignty- they are my highest values. It means living my chosen beliefs and doing the work I love. I choose with whom I work, spend time, how I hone my talents and gifts and contribute them. We all have that same opportunity. And when we do it without infringing on the rights of others, that is personal sovereignty.

Life doesn’t’ always serve us equally from our origins. However, we have opportunity and are alone responsible for taking charge of creating our desired future. Life demands we choose a course of action, or it will be chosen for us.

In our current environment with radical shifts taking place in all disciplines- government, health, education, media- policies are being developed that may or may not be supportive of your beliefs. Because of that it is more important than ever to become who you want to be, identify your truth, and develop your voice for optimal expression.

Sovereignty reigns supreme for me, and my purpose is to help others who are committed to that outcome attain it. It has to do with serving at our highest level.  We are here to serve humanity through our purpose. Figuring that out takes optimizing personal expression, exploration of opportunity, and of course perseverance.  It’s the optimization of our gifts and expressing our truth that provides opportunity.  This is what creates our personal sovereignty.

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