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personal transformation
Published on April 4, 2018
by Nancy Clairmont Carr


personal transformation Personal Transformation- 5 Powerful Tips

Personal transformation develops, expands and optimizes the gifts we receive at birth. As a transformation expert, I have helped many people optimize their life. The following tips were developed from this experience. They will help create sustainable, optimized change in your business, total health and relationships.  When you transform one area, all areas are uplifted.

1.Clarity. Have a clearly stated intention. You can grow, change or expand any way you desire. We are unlimited beings with a natural desire for expansion and expression. Intention includes defining the desired outcome in detail including how you want to feel about the change. Once you are very clear on what you want to do, be, have and feel, you can define your strategy for your personal transformation.

personal transformation with energy wrok
Use energy work for belief change and personal transformation

2.Alignment   Ensure your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned with your intention.Permanent mindset change and energy field alignment is required to create and maintain new paradigms. The most efficient approach to do this is to energetically change your beliefs, replacing outdated ones with more supportive ones . This will naturally change your thoughts, feelings and actions. Energy work is the most effective way to create this alignment. However, there are other approaches that support this outcome.

From early cave man days, we have had to deal with fight or flight and maintain vigilance for survival. It is normal to have negative thoughts because of this built-in self-preservation strategy.To counteract this predisposition, become mindful of and release your non-supportive thoughts and feelings. It is not always easy to do this because of our native tendencies.

There are strategies you can pursue to support this positive feeling state. The book “The Confidence Gap” by Russ Harris will provide many ways to capture and release repeated negative thinking and feelings. Another way to maintain feeling good is to notice when you receive or give a form of kindness or abundance. The appreciation we feel brings more to appreciate. Whatever you can do to maintain positive feelings is worth it, as feeling good is a critical element in attracting to you that which you desire.

3.Focus.Maintain a singular focus on your intention to attract the universal energy and solutions you would not manifest otherwise. We attract what we predominantly focus on. When laying out your strategies to accomplish your intention, choose only those that support this intention.

focus for personal transformation
Personal transformation requires singular focus

Say no to everything else. With all that distracts us, this can be a daunting task. For every distraction that tempts you, ask yourself if it leads to your desired outcome in the most efficient way. While this requires strong personal leadership and discipline, it wil save you time, energy and resources you can put towards what is really important to you. If you want to read more about how to do this read my blog,  “Manifest with Speed and Ease“.

4. Sustainability. Integrate your desires from each key area into your life model so you don’t burn out. Consider a 5 pillars of health approach- Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances-each as an extension of your core beliefs. This requirement for integration of all personal needs stems from experience and established research. Hard work alone is not sustainable over the long term. Perhaps short periods of extreme focus at the exclusion of everything else is possible.

personal transformation requires balance
Integrate desires in all areas for sustained personal transformation

However, maintaining health in all key areas gives you more energy, clear thinking and access to thoughts and ideas not available with constant fatigue and burnout. Research supports that consistent high-performance individuals live sustainably. One of my favorite books supporting and explaining this in depth, along with the habits required for sustainable excellence is “High Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard. It is currently available as an audiobook free of charge on Itunes.

5. Remove energetic interference. We are connected to everyone and everything in the quantum field. If you want to manifest intentions quickly and effortlessly, remove the collective interference in your energy field. Over 35% of success blocks, stuck energy and outdated beliefs show up in your DNA at birth. Most of the remaining energetic interference develops in the first 9 years of our life. This cumulative interference shapes our behavior throughout life unless cleared.

personal transformation through energy clearing
Release obstacles to success with energy clearing for sustained personal transformation

Removing energetic interference is done most effectively with energy work. Like many people, I have studied and implemented massive amounts of self-help books, worked with coaches, went to conferences and programs in the name of personal growth and transformation. It was only when I began using and then becoming an expert in energy work that I manifested my intentions over 60% faster on average than without it, and with much less effort. 

Energy clearing and healing releases encumbrances on us that are not possible to release in any other way. It permanently resets our mind and realigns our energy field. This strategy is a comprehensive solution to permanent change, unlike the tactical shifts we make with habit or behavior changes. Since we have infinite potential, the energy healing and clearing work is never complete. As we heal ourselves in this process we also heal the collective, which increases the vibration and consciousness of humanity. Employing energy clearing and creating energy shifts empowers us to manifest quickly with little effort.

Get clear, become aligned, maintain focus, live with an integrated approach and remove energetic interference from your field.  If you are unfamiliar with the permanent and rapid transformation possible with an expert energy practitioner, check out these growth experiences. 

To begin your own personal transformation, join our “Quantum Manifesting- Group Energy Coaching Program” -for achievers ( business owners, sales executives or senior management) who want to make a quantum leap NOW. It’s a 12 month program that starts May 7, 2018 with a significant bonus for registering by Friday, April 13, 2018.  Transforming your business results energetically impacts all areas of your life positively. Contact me for details about this and other individual personal transformation programs. 

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Start your transformation today

To your growth,

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