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Energetic Healing- Expand Your Consciousness and Impact 

Experience Optimal Energy

We are in a new era requiring new knowledge, skills and consciousness.  This energetic healing curriculum is designed to raise the level of consciousness on the planet.

This class series will educate and empower you to transform and create a path for your most optimal expression of gifts and impact, and contribute to a planetary increase in consciousness. 

Each class is sequentially designed to build your skills, as you learn new energy healing techniques that progressively strengthen and expand your abilities. Whether you are interested in personal growth exclusively or practitioner certification, you will learn to apply cutting-edge methodologies designed to raise your energetic frequency and well-being. I look forward to helping you on your journey.

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Level I- Create Your Foundation

Foundational Skills for Transformation 

Level I classes teach you how to use your inner wisdom and guidance, and to create a clear and protected space that renews your energy. These foundational classes support people just beginning to explore their gifts, as well as those with experience. Each class connects you to new techniques to expand your skills and teaches you to hone your practice so you are highly proficient. They also develop the skills you’ll need to advance through the program with confidence and set you up for success.

In this section you will learn how to access and refine your intuition, which is one of the most powerful and needed skills in this new era.  Accessing, trusting and applying intuitive guidance and inner wisdom gives you "just in time" optimal information for important business and personal decision making.

You will also learn how to create safe environments inside and outside your work space, home and any place you visit. Creating a supportive environment helps provide the best outcomes of all inhabitants for all endeavors.  

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Energy Healing

Level II- Develop Energetic Healing Abilities

Transform the Past, Create Your Future 

Level II classes introduce you to the core energetic practices that are the foundation for personal transformation and healing. 

Learn to raise your vibration and access energetic upgrades through Disconnection from the Collective Shadow and Cellular Activation (DCS/CA). Discover how to transform and energetically heal your past, ancestral, and simultaneous lifetimes in our Ancestral & Other Lifetimes (AOL) classes. And join a mentoring group to firmly establish your skills so you feel confident using them to support yourself, your family, and in your practice.

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Level III- Advanced Energetic Healing Programs

Raise Your Frequency  

This level of training is designed for serious students who want to work through some of the more complex human issues. This course gets to the heart of stuck issues and emotional interference, so you can elevate your mental, emotional, and physical energy. This series of classes will take your skills to a much higher level. 

If you are a practitioner, this advanced energetic healing training will help you guide your clients more accurately.  The more developed your skills in using your intuition and advanced energetic clearing and healing, the more optimal will be your outcomes with your own and your clients outcomes. 

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Conscious Leadership Transforms

Activate Your Inner Guidance System

We are in an environment where higher consciousness is the new currency for us to create the life we desire. New ways of thinking based on internal guidance is required to navigate and lead effectively.

Conscious leadership principles and developing higher consciousness are taught in this group coaching program.  Ideas including consciousness, surrender, intention, intuition, and sovereignty will be discussed and experienced. You will learn how they work together to create higher consciousness and transform lives.

This transformational program is designed for entrepreneurs, professionals, and other leaders who want to increase consciousness to thrive in this new environment. And learn to create their optimal path with more flow in less time.

Join us to learn how to grow your business, impact, and life with more joy, abundance and sovereignty .

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