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Published on October 18, 2015
by Keith Klein

Social Health is our theme.

We’re all about health and fitness.  Our theme today is “social health.”   This is part two of our Social Wellness posts to acquaint you with new social media we’re doing for you.

With a new website, now we’re all about Social.  Not because we’re raving fans of social media, rather, because we can amplify our passion for and message about Social Health to you here, and reach you on social media there. So, when we talk about Social Fitness, we mean both, personal health & fitness for you and the social aspects of communicating….with you!

Welcome to The Joy-Effect!

Last time we introduced these new Social Media Pages:

Picture of Nancy Clairmont Carr for article on Social Fitness
We hope our ‘social fitness’ will help you with your health and fitness!






There’s more!

Here are another handful-plus of sites that carry the messages we share here.  Please feel free to take a look around (especially at your favorite places).  Of course, we don’t mind if you share while you’re there….







And, of course, if you haven’t been here,
please come in and take a look around at our new site:


The Social Media pages above are five of the top ten sites in the United States (and five of the top 14 sites world-wide).  When we post our musings and messages here, you’ll see – at the very least – a headline and image and a synopsis in those social media locations.  Our site and the social platforms make for ‘social fitness’ in terms of sharing with you on the web, and making it easy for you to share as well.

Lots of Social Health (Part Two)

Image of a thumbs up sign comprised of social media icons to illustrate a welcome from Nancy Clairmont Carr
We hope you “Like” it!
            ~ Nancy Clairmont Carr

As we’ve discussed, you’ll find interactive Social on our new site as well.  You can share directly from here! We invite old friends and new fans – you – to circle, subscribe, like, follow and more.  We hope you’ll encourage your old friends and new fans to do the same. We’ll blog about more places you can find and share our messages, and add your thoughts, in the next post or two.

While we establish ourselves in the channels people like and use, we want to emphasize that the best way to contact us is through our site’s Contact Us … or just give us a call at 612.385.3220!

Thank you for allowing us to re-introduce ourselves!

You are awesome!  We appreciate you!

picture of Nancy' Clairmont Carr's signature a Nikken distributor and wellness consultant expressing gratitude for healing testimonials

Nancy Clairmont Carr

p.s.:  We’d love your feedback!

Really, please feel free to Contact Us with your suggestions and questions for our site.

We appreciate your thoughts on our offerings, social media, the best ways to communicate with you ~ whatever is on your mind! We’ll listen to your ideas, and we’d be delighted to hear from you! We love the look and feel of our new site and social media pages and hope you do, too.  Please, let us know!

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