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my life is my message- surrender
Published on May 8, 2018
by Nancy Clairmont Carr

Surrender to Life

Your Secret Weapon

Many voices recently have been talking about my favorite word- Surrender. 

1) Kathleen Hanagan discusses how surrender creates happiness:

In the course of my work with thousands of people over 30 years, I have come to make a very significant observation:  the people who become adept at surrender are far happier than those who don’t. What gets in the way?  Needing to be right, feeling offended, insulted, wanting to get even, and countless other expressions of the primitive survival ego….To be resigned is unwillingly giving in to a greater power, while surrender is letting go of the need to have power over another. “

2) Michael Singer shares how life guides him in his new book The Surrender Experimenteinstein uses intuition to surrender

“Surrender- what an amazingly powerful word. It often engenders the thought of weakness and cowardice.  In my case it required all the strength I had to be brave enough to the invisible, to the unknown… It’s not that surrender gave me clarity about where I was going- I had no idea where it would lead me.  But surrender did give me clarity in one essential area: my personal preferences of like and dislike were not going to guide my life.  By surrendering the hold those powerful forces had on me, I was allowing my life to be guided by a much more powerful force, life itself. “

3) Ipek Serifsoy from Deep Coaching Institute  expresses how it supports flow:

flowing through life when we surrender… I was especially struck by the concept and experience of how the ego knows itself through efforting while resisting what it cannot control. In juxtaposing two very different orientations to life, …our habitual egoic patterns take us away from presence and into reaction and suffering. There is an alternate possibility: Surrendering…. we’re not becoming a couch potato or waving a white flag. Instead we’re allowing the flow of life. We’re acknowledging our evolutionary nature and realizing that most of what we think we can control is really an illusion.” 

Let Go of Ego and Resistance

Is this idea important?  Absolutely. My most powerful memory at the beginning of my journey to higher consciousness and freedom was when I was told I had to learn to surrender to find “joy, abundance and freedom” (my words).  This idea was the opposite of everything I practiced at the time.  I have since found it is the only real path to freedom.

How can you learn to surrender, to be guided by your higher power, the Universe or life itself?  Let go of ego. It wants to be in control, even though it only knows the past. Release resistance to being guided.  You may be a very bright and experienced leader, but you still don’t know the future.  But your Higher Self does.  Ask and wait for the answer through intuition.  You will receive the most powerful, perfect answer in perfect timing. Your Higher Self always know more than your brain/ego. Surrender to your Higher Self for your secret weapon in life!

Be present and mindful, and trust what you hear, see, feel and know inside. Then you can then reach a higher consciousness, develop the most powerful expression of yourself and make the impact you were designed to make.

Surrender to fully illuminate the world with your gifts.

 Contact me for a Free 20-minute consult to learn more about surrender and how you can find joy, abundance and freedom,.

To your secret weapon,

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