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Surrender – An Act of Consciousness

Surrender – An Act of Consciousness

I have been on a transformation journey.  When I began, I would not have believed that this level of change was possible, or that the outcomes would be so profound by implementing one word, Surrender.

Trust vs. Control

Although I have been interested in personal growth my whole life, my rapid and total transformation began in 2007.  I remember the day I first met with my coach.  She asked me what I wanted to do. When I told her my dream, she replied, “That is no problem, you just need to surrender.”  I remember smiling at her and thinking “I will do anything you ask, but I will never surrender.”

Looking back, I now realize that without a focused purpose, long term goal/intention or burning desire, it is more difficult to want to surrender to optimize solutions and streamline efforts.  There is a lack of understanding of the need to search for a better way. I found that once I understood my purpose of lifting the vibration of humanity through creating conscious leaders, and then committed to it, all the strategies or “hows” of living my purpose started showing up.  This created a desire to let go of my preconceived ideas and habits about how things should be done, which led the way to being open to surrendering.

At the time, I thought surrender meant giving up control of my life, the last thing I wanted to do! The more I resisted surrendering, the less power and control I had. Having to control everything and everyone yields the opposite of surrender and indicates a lack of self-trust or self-confidence of being able to figure things out. I discovered that there was a direct relationship between surrendering and feeling more empowered. Learning to trust that the optimal solutions will be provided develops characteristics that bring about the people, opportunities and synchronicities to support what you are trying to create.

trust vs control to surrenderIn her article “Spot the Fine Line Between Trust and Control” Eve Hogan describes how we need to learn to trust ourselves. ”You need to trust yourself to handle whatever… happens in life and you need to trust Spirit to only provide that which you need to handle.” I have since also learned that this sentence perfectly describes self-confidence- knowing you can figure “it” out.

To surrender is a magical experience. It is the most important element of becoming awake and creating higher consciousness. This single act helps us live our purpose, change resistance to flow and create the shortest, most optimal path to manifest desired outcomes.

That was the first of many key lessons I had to learn to create a lifestyle of joy, abundance and sovereignty. Joy within and an effect of spreading it to others; abundance in all areas of life; and freedom to be exactly who I was designed to be without interfering with the freedoms of others, removing fears that prevented expression of my truth and authenticity. My desire to achieve this state of being was very strong, so I was willing to do what I needed to learn to surrender.

As Michael Singer writes in his book, The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection “I am so grateful that surrender had taught me to willingly participate in life’s dance with a quiet mind and an open heart.”  We need to open ourselves up to a more optimal way of being. Because we are given free will, we must choose the path that demands we change our need to be right and decide instead that we want to be free and sovereign.

Surrender requires a desire to grow, change, and discover our purpose, and learn how our gifts best serve ourselves and humanity. The most optimal ideas and the how of creating them were unfolded to me in optimal time as I optimized my ability to listen, trust and act on my intuitive guidance. My old desire to control my environment and people around me faded the more I removed resistance to change, listened to my intuition, and experienced the profound results. Surrendering allowed me to optimize all aspects of my life and continues to do so.

Feeling Flow or Resistance?

As I practiced using my intuition more consistently, I started to recognize an emerging pattern.  The solutions I chose based on my intuition were easier to implement and produced better results than those I got from my brain alone, past experience or other people. It was as if the bumps in the road were removed and my work just flowed effortlessly.  Fewer challenges, mistakes and wrong turns, and optimal results were the new norm.

One of the projects I did when I was completely tuned in to my intuition and feeling the flow was naming my new business The Joy-Effect and creating all the content for my first website for it.  I remember writing the outline, the navigation, all the content, and accessing just the right images. I had felt an “intuitive hit” for the name and then was guided for every aspect of the website.  It came to me as if someone had opened up my brain and poured it in. The project was done in record time and I felt an ease about the whole thing.  That perfectly describes how it feels to move forward in flow.  My clients share the same experiences with me. As they have learned to surrender, listen to and act on their intuition, they are receiving similar just-in-time optimal solutions.

Being in the flow is tuning in to our inner guidance and surrender like the wateraccessing a higher level of thinking. It creates a feeling like water flowing over the rocks with nothing to stop it. While in the flow, creative ideas and just the right solutions show up when needed. If you want to create new ideas, solve complex problems, grow quickly and save time, it is worth developing your intuition, knowing that you are accessing infinite intelligence.

When our brain alone is used for decision making, it can only access old information, something it has already done.  That is OK for repetitive tasks or routines that don’t require creativity.  That doesn’t work when we want to create quickly with optimal solutions in new areas. If you are on a high growth curve, or moving towards a significant goal, most things are new! Solving new problems with old thinking, resisting new ways or new ideas is our ego trying to maintain control.  It creates resistance, makes it more difficult to access optimal solutions and wastes time and money in the process.

Resistance is operating from fear, maintains the status quo and creates a feeling of being stuck. Few new creative thoughts and ideas come forward while resisting.  Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art is a masterpiece in describing the many forms of resistance. Pressfield writes, “We experience it [resistance] as an energy field radiating from a work-in-potential. It’s a repelling force. It’s negative. Its aim is to shove us away, distract us, prevent us from doing our work.”  When you are experiencing resistance and allow it to control you, it is your ego that is in charge. When you are in flow, you are experiencing the result of following your intuition.

Obstacles to Surrender

As with all transformation, surrender requires change and overcoming obstacles, and can be difficult for human nature. If your endgame is a significant goal, the obstacles to overcome, or changes required, are commensurate with the outcomes.  While we want to be in the flow, we also need to deal with obstacles along the way. Overcoming obstacles is what makes transformation occur. We don’t need to make it more difficult than it needs to be however.

As in a great movie or book, the conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist is what woman hurdling in process of surrendermakes it compelling. As Bo Eason states in There is No Plan B For Your A-Game “The bigger the obstacle you have to face, the bigger and better you have to get.” If there are no significant obstacles in the path of achieving what you desire, it wouldn’t transform you in any way. It doesn’t stretch you or grow your abilities.  Bo recommends seeking big obstacles, so you grow the most. I also suggest choosing obstacles that will help you get the furthest towards your dreams. Listening to your guidance highlights what is important to deal with, and then gives “best” solutions.

The key obstacles to creating real change and achieving the life you desire involve letting go of ego, eliminating limiting beliefs, removing negative ancestral and lifetime patterns and negative energies. You might wonder, why don’t you just change your attitude and habits to create new outcomes? Doing this without addressing these key obstacles is possible, but takes far more effort, a much longer time, and is not necessarily a permanent solution. These key obstacles or energy patterns are what underly all the habits and choices we make, so dealing with them effectively removes resistance, and results in taking less time and effort to manifest our goals.

obstacles to surrenderThe obstacles of ego, beliefs and ancestral and other lifetime patterns are formed before we are born. We enter life with about 80% of our beliefs.  We form the remaining beliefs in the first 6-7 years of life, based primarily on our environment. Some of our beliefs are supportive and others somewhat limiting. We also are impacted by negative energetic interference. Fortunately, as energy beings, we have the capacity to change our energetic makeup. Developing an active program of optimizing our energy patterns supports surrender.

Clearing the Path to Surrender

There are many strategies to overcome obstacles.  The most effective ways to release resistance and increase flow permanently include Energy Medicine strategies affecting the underlying subtle energy structure. Examples of such strategies include Emotion Code, Body Code, PEMF Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Acupuncture, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Homeopathy, Qi Gong, Applied Kinesiology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Tapping, Hypnosis and more.  There are mindfulness strategies that support changes in mindset and our ability to tap into intuition such as meditation, body work, relaxation techniques etc.

I have used many of these modalities and found that each provided a degree of impact and support. When I discovered higher consciousness energy medicine, my shifts occurred more rapidly, exponentially, and permanently  and created a profound transformation.  I was able to remove limiting beliefs, ancestral and other lifetime patterns, negative energetic interference as well as the subtle energy patterns that for years created significant resistance.

I am blessed (or cursed, depending on who is describing me!) with tremendous tenacity and determination, but it has taken its toll over time and created a very stressful existence. My objective in beginning my transformation journey was to release unnecessary stress, remove goal achieving blockages, create more joy, abundance, freedom and sovereignty in my life.  Consistent work with higher consciousness energy healing has delivered all of that and more.

Specific consciousness changes over time with this modality include intuitive access in many forms, increased creativity, unity consciousness, (understanding and living from a belief of interconnectedness), abundance mentality, (read more about impact of emotions on abundance) increased vibrational states, consistent positive emotions, increased positive impact on others, optimal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, ease of manifestation and so much more. The journey never ends and the potential positive impact on humanity is unlimited.

I am curious about your surrender journey and the impact it has had on your life. If you are interested in seeing how The Joy-Effect programs could support your journey, schedule a free consultation



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